Portrait Session FAQs

Where will the photo session take place?

If your child is up and walking, we can do your photo session almost anywhere.  However, if your child is under a year old or is not yet walking, we do suggest that the session be done at your home or in the studio.  We recommend this because you will get the most out of the photo shoot – your child will be happiest, coziest and most at ease indoors during this stage and we will get the best images.  Then, once they are up and fully mobile, we can step outside and have tons of fun running around in the world together at the next session.

When should I schedule a Maternity Photo Session?

If you are doing a pregnancy photography session, it really depends on how much you are showing and when you feel most comfortable!  This time can be different for everyone, so we encourage you to give us a call to discuss.  A good time to schedule your maternity photo shoot is typically at the tail end of the 7th month or toward the middle of your 8th month, but like we said – it really depends on the individual: some people don’t do it until the very end!

When should I schedule a Newborn Photo Session?

When scheduling a newborn photography session, we suggest that you set it up within the first two weeks after birth so you can capture the wonderful tiny newborn qualities.  The next stage after a newborn session is 6 months (sooo fun – classic giggling-baby stage, 9 months (full of personality and on the move) and 1 year (or when your child is up and walking).  We do strongly discourage 3 month shoots unless baby is reeeeaaally holding his or her head up and full of smiles, otherwise they are just perplexed throughout their baby shoot.  If you missed newborn images, we recommend waiting until 6 months – you will get a lot more out of your baby photo session.

All portrait sessions require a session fee for booking and holding a date.

How should I prepare for a session a photo session at my home?

It isn’t hard to prepare for a photography session at your home, so don’t fret!  We are very un-obtrusive. It is fun, easy and relaxed to do an in-home Mi Casa session – and believe it or not, you don’t have to do a lot of clean up (phew!). And you don’t need to have a large place for it to work, we are very resourceful.  First things first, we will take a look around your home to scope out different places we might want to utilize.  Ultimately, we do a majority of the session in your bedroom, possibly the living room (if you have a simple set-up), and in the nursery or yard if you have some shade.  Just have a simple, plain bedspread on your bed and have your nightstands as clear as possible.  Otherwise we will assess when we get there and help you with anything else.

What should I wear? What should my child wear?

Simple, lovely and clean is always good.  Not too trendy, but not too plain – be yourself and dress your child in any way that you want!  Let your personalities shine out.

Some rules of thumb to follow: no wild patterns, no logos, no stripes – they detract from the beautiful faces that we are there to capture!  Please no white and no black; try and find colors somewhere in-between. Don’t go matchy-matchy – some color coordination is fine, but having everyone in exactly the same outfit is not ideal.  Fun hats and accessories are great, bring them along as we can always put them on and take them off again.  Try to think timeless with whatever ensembles you choose, you don’t want to look back on a beautiful image and see an outfit and ask, “What was I thinking?”

What should I wear for my pregnancy photography session?

For pregnancy portraits: the same as above applies with prints and colors.  You can also try yoga pants, flowy or stretchy skirts, fitted tank tops, ballet-style wrap sweaters, button down shirts, bikini tops or exercise bras and jeans (preferably not maternity jeans).

You can also bring different outfits to your maternity photo session and we will be happy to consult with you if you’re stumped!

How soon after my photo session will I get the photos?

Within two weeks of your photo session we will set up a viewing meeting to show you your images.  Prior to your meeting, we will put up a sneak peek of several images on our blog to give you a little taste of what is to come!  When we meet with you, you will be able to view a custom slide-show set to music of the photos from your session.  After watching the slideshow you will be able to narrow down the photos to your favorites, and from there decide on how you would like to present your images: prints, an album, gallery-wrapped canvas, frames, etc.

How long do you keep my images on file?

We would love to keep all the digital files forever, but unfortunately that is not possible.  We only guarantee storage of digital files up until your meeting, at which point any images not purchased will NOT be archived.  Therefore, it is important to choose your images thoughtfully at your viewing meeting!

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